The COVID Diaries: Not Even on My Top 10 Virtue’s List

Hi Darling Ones,

Today I have decided to be obsessed with my wilting lavender plant. She’s the latest addition to the Sadness Garden and she is not doing well. I think I over-watered her and I’m hoping she can recover. I’ve spent a lot of time today reading 82 different articles about what to do if you over-watered a plant and all of them are like “just be patient it might recover.”

Patience is not my best virtue. It’s doesn’t even make my Top 10 virtue’s list. It probably wouldn’t even make my 500 Best Virtues of all time list. Patience is the worst and people who expect me to have it are the second worst.

So yeah, I’ve spent a lot of time bent over the dining room table frowning at the lavender, apologizing, and asking it not to die. I’ve been asking a lot of things and people not to die. I guess that’s the way of 2020. So it goes.

You’re probably dying to know if I slept last night, and I’m not at all happy to report: kinda. I took that mittfulla melatonin and hit the sheets. It worked for six and a half entire hours, which is an improvement. However, once again I was woken up earlier than usual because of a nightmare this one involving a bull on the loose trying to gore my family and Wolfdogg’s family too and once we all got away we went out to dinner.

The going out for dinner is the part that jarred me awake. Even my subconscious was like THIS IS NOT SAFE.

A brief explanation about that header picture: I was gonna write about my hair and feeling unattractive, but then I stumbled on some thoughts that require well, more thought, but I’m too lazy to take a picture of the sad lavender so you get a picture of my epic grey hair.

Also, related to that picture, when I painted my bedroom back in like aught-seven I inadvertently painted it the same colors and the Wakefield twins’ bedrooms. Hershey-bar brown like Jessica and also blue like Elizabeth. This should come as no surprise because I loved Sweet Valley High (I mean, obvs, look at the banner the website) and also I am a gemini.

Still kinda wanting a lavaliere necklace even though I haven’t worn jewelry since about 1987,

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