The COVID Diaries: It’s All Happening

Hi Darling Ones,

Guess which 6’5″ Spinster Goddess of Minnesota finally landed a vaccination appointment? It’s me! Thanks to eagle-eyed Sister #2 who spotted a tweet from my former (and hopefully future) State Representative Brad Tabke* I scooped up an appointment at Canterbury Park for Thursday.

I am so relieved.

That’s all I got today. My brain is foggy from endless rain and a messed up sleep schedule, so I don’t have a lot of words right now. My whole goal today was to not take a nap in hopes I can get the ZZZzzzs back to normal. It has not been easy, the nap avoidance, even though I slept like ten hours last night.

My big plans for the night are to watch “Almost Famous” in celebration of it all happening and eating a salad. I know, you all wonder how I afford this rock & roll lifestyle. It’s not easy. I’m hard to keep up with.

Tomorrow I might be more interesting. Now we all have something to look forward to,

*I really like Brad Tabke, and I’ve voted for him many times. I’m still kind of angry that he lost to a guy who Sister #4 went to high school with and said about, “he’s an idiot!” I hate the dude and every time he acts like a total buffoon, which is frequently, I throw money at Tabke’s campaign.

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