Top 25 Most Listened to Songs of 2014 (Or Music to Revise a Novel to)

The obvious story of this year’s list is Lydia Loveless. Of course. If this shocks anyone clearly you are the kind of reader who skips every single post I make where I yammer about rock & roll. If you want to catch up: here I yammer on about seeing her at the Turf Club, this was a year ago when I discovered her and called her Liz Phair + Paul Westerberg, and she made the cut on songs about longing.

The perhaps not-as-obvious-but-still-kind-of-clear story of this year’s list is my continued love of Jason Isbell. If you take a gander at the 2013 Top 25, you’ll see he dominated last year. He did pretty well this year too, which is only shocking when you consider that Sea Songs came out on February 10th and I’ve listened to “I Follow Rivers” 53 times since then. I am nothing, if not obsessive (see Philomena at #24 and realize sixteen of those spins came in one day).

Also pretty clear, but not as clear as I would have thought? How much I loved that new Ryan Adams’ record.

The rest seems like a random hodgepodge of WTF. I get that. But many of these songs (the ones with the *) were tossed on a playlist called “Baby Can You Feel It” and listened to repeatedly for days on end while I finished up the revising the last few chapters of The Beast.

And the rest are just songs that I really love and need at certain points for reasons I don’t feel like getting into because I’m bored with writing this post.

Top 25 Most Listened-To Songs of 2014

  1. Cover Me Up, Jason Isbell (85)
  2. Dear Chicago, Ryan Adams (76)
  3. I Follow Rivers, Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires (53)
  4. Drive All Night, Glen Hansard (50)*
  5. To Destruction, Dolorean (46)
  6. Just Breathe, Willie Nelson (45)*
  7. Mutineer, Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires (42)
  8. Just Breathe, Pearl Jam (37)*
  9. Boy Crazy, Lydia Loveless (37)
  10. Really Wanna See You, Lydia Loveless (36)
  11. Commie Drives a Nova, Ike Reilly (35)*
  12. Crazy, Lydia Loveless (35)
  13. The Only Answer, Mike Doughty (32)*
  14. Head, Lydia Loveless (31)
  15. Wine Lips, Lydia Loveless (30)
  16. Trouble, Ryan Adams (28)
  17. All I Know, Lydia Loveless (27)
  18. Gimme Something Good, Ryan Adams (27)
  19. Bad Reputation, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (26)
  20. Supernova, Liz Phair (25)
  21. Colorado, Chastity Brown (23)
  22. Somewhere Else, Lydia Loveless (23)
  23. Title and Registration, Death Cab for Cutie (23)*
  24. Philomena, The Decemberists (22)
  25. Chris Isak, Lydia Loveless (21)
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