Into the MP3 Deeps: Lucinda + Lydia + Liz = Longing

One of the best things about being a writer who listens to music when they write is you get to spend a lot of time thinking about and then listening to your very favorite songs and musicians. I often use music to set the mental tone of what I’m writing. Sometimes it’s to help recall a point in time.

People might call this procrastination, I call it vital to my creative routine.

Also vital to my creative routine: Nutter Butters, staring at the door daydreaming, and sometimes, on super extra creative days, doing laundry and/or cleaning anything in the heap of squalor I call home.

So anyway, one of the moods I needed to set for part of The Beast. Is one of longing. My main character longs a lot. She is a big ball of longing and desire.

When I set out to create this playlist I wanted women only. I didn’t want Cora’s (thats the name of my main character) longing to sounds like all the dudes that I listen to all the time. While the gender was intentional, the alliteration was a happy accident. Once I finished making the list it made perfect sense.

One of the best descriptions I ever read about the fabulous (and my favorite record of 2014) Lydia Loveless’ album “Somewhere Else” came from RandBallsStu on twitter when he said called it Lucinda’s Exile.

As with all Into the MP3 Deeps posts, I will write stuff about these songs and then quit when I get bored.

Still I Long for Your Kiss, Lucinda Williams

Sometimes I don’t think I give Lucinda enough credit in my musical pantheon, because I do love her. And when I set bout making this list, this song was the very first one I put on it.

I Just Wanted to See You So Bad, Lucinda Williams

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write about how this song is so eerily close to a relationship I had once upon a time ago. One of those you never quite get over because it was more about what was almost than what really was. How’s that for some vague cryptoblogging garbage?

Passionate Kisses, Lucinda Williams

This song is probably better known by the Mary Chapin Carpenter cover, but I like Lucinda’s version better. Her voice is rougher and I dig that. And the thing I love about this song about wanting romance and love and the rock and roll band and pens that don’t run out of ink.

Those Three Days, Lucinda Williams

This song = ouch.

Lonely Girls, Lucinda Williams

I guess loneliness is kind of cloaked in longing, right? I don’t know. I make the lists around here, not you!

Really Wanna See You, Lydia Loveless

Oh, who amongst us hasn’t experience the desperate longing that usually comes with chemical impairment? Fuck, I just did this nonsense the other night. At least I didn’t call. I guess that’s the good thing about having a phone phobia that outweighs your poor judgement.

Head, Lydia Loveless

Just listen to this one, will ya?

Somewhere Else, Lydia Loveless

Not really longing, but I just really like it.

Crazy, Lydia Loveless

This is a song about using liquid courage to get up the nerve to say what’s on your mind and then hoping to hide behind the drunkenness if the feelings don’t land the way you wanted them to.

Boy Crazy, Lydia Loveless

I wrote about this when I wrote about hips songs.

Fuck & Run, Liz Phair

The first time I ever got hit on as an adult was at a Liz Phair concert in 1994. Because I’m a total insecure nerd I had no idea how to cope with it, but I’m sure glad it happened.

Supernova, Liz Phair

This song isn’t about longing, really. But it makes me long. Also, fuck is censored in the video, which is annoying.

Perfect World, Liz Phair

There was a time at the turn of the century when I used a line from this song as a headline for a personal ad. “Cool, Tall, Vulnerable & Luscious.” I got a lot of responses & it’s how I met the TTHM a billion years ago. Fun Jodi trivia.

Polyester Bride, Liz Phair

This song meant everything to me when I was a frustrated, unsure 26-year-old. It reminded me that I did not, in fact, want to be a polyester bride (or any bride for that matter).

Why Can’t I?, Liz Phair

A lot of people give Liz shit about the album this song is on and some point to it as the ultimate moment she “sold out.” Whatever. I love it. This song about being on the giddy cusp of a crush that’s about to turn into something more is wonderful and gets that emotion across perfectly, which makes it a success in my book.

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