Top Five Side One, Track Ones: A Teenage Kicks Tribute List

This morning on Teenage Kicks, Jacquie Fuller played two hours of side one, track ones in honor of The Current’s upcoming “High Fidelity” showing at The Fitz.

It was, as you can imagine, totally awesome, even though, she chose the wrong Replacements’ song (went with Hold My Life off of Tim).

Since High Fidelity os one of my all-time favorite movies. I can quote most of the movie from memory, even Rob Gordon’s Top Five side one track one. Since you can’t hear me. I’ll just embed this little bad boy.

Top Five Side One, Track Ones

  1. I Will Dare, The Replacements, Let it Be
  2. Barracuda, Heart, Little Queen
  3. Bad Reputation, Joan Jett, Bad Reputation
  4. Cover Me Up, Jason Isbell, Southeastern Oh, kind of a new record. In a minute. Very nice, Jodi. A sly declaration of new classic status slipped into a list of old safe ones. . .
  5. Sick of Myself, Matthew Sweet, 100% Fun

Contenders that were ultimately dismissed

Greetings to the New Brunette, Billy Bragg, Talking with the Taxman about Poetry
Tangled Up in Blue, Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
Stupid Boy, The Gear Daddies, Billy’s Live Bait
Lost Horizons, Gin Blossoms, New Miserable Experience
Closer to Fine, The Indigo Girls, The Indigo Girls
Blue, The Jayhawks, Tomorrow the Green Grass
It’s Only Dancing, Jeremy Messersmith, Heart Murmurs
Valerie Loves Me, Material Issue, International Pop Overthrow
Set out Running, Neko Case & Her Boyfriends, Furnace Room Lullaby
F.N.T, Semisonic, Great Divide
Windfall, Son Volt, Trace
Misery, Soul Asylum, Let Your Dim Light Shine
Untouchable Face, Ani DiFranco, Dilate
Mad About You, Belinda Carlisle, Belinda

About the photo: My nephew Cade watching as the needle drops on The Pixies’ “Doolittle” (Side One, Track One = Debaser.) As my friend Caroline said, “Awesome is about to happen. Rarely captured on film.”)

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