The COVID Diaries: I Knew Dolly Wouldn’t Do Me Dirty

Dear Darling Ones,

The end of the COVID Diaries is nigh.* I got Shot #2 yesterday wearing my lucky Stevie Nicks shirt and as I pulled into Canterbury Park Joan Jett was on the radio.

I got my shot next to an old woman named Verona and when the shot lady approached her she said, “Ahhh, in fair Verona where we lay our scene.” That made me very happy even though Verona had probably heard that about 8,091,573 times in her life and wanted to shoot the shot lady. As someone who has been asked that many times how tall I am, I should have had some sympathy. I did not. Just delight.

Aside: Wanna know what else is delighting me? All the Twitter chatter about The Current’s 893 Essential Debut Albums countdown. I complained about it, of course. And I’ve been complaining about it on Twitter. And I will complain if the Top 10 is comprised solely of dudes. However, a lot of the dudes that usually land in the Top 10 are already out of contention. I love it.

I’m happy to report that thus far (29 hours after Shot #2) I’ve had few adverse side effects. I have a low-key headache and my arm hurts, but that’s it. I felt shittier yesterday because I had celebratory Chicken McNuggets for lunch and they did do me dirty. Rude. Not Dolly’s Moderna though. Dolly would never do me dirty.

So you heard it here first: starting May 26th I’ll be available to make out with men I find attractive and back to making flimsy excuses about why I don’t want to leave my house to do that thing. May 25th, the two-week date is reserved for BFK, who will come and hang out in my house for hours for the first time since February 2020. The amount that I miss her is immeasurable. She sent me a card this week and it almost made me cry.

Your favorite angry hermit,
*The end of this blog is not. The only thing likely to change is I won’t label everything as a covid diary. I’m hopeful I can keep up the writing pace because I really love doing this and had no idea how much I missed it until I started writing on the reg again.

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