The COVID Diaries: Like Junior High All Over Again

Hey Darling Ones,

I’ve been kind of obsessed so far this week. It’s mostly about a complex work problem the details of which I won’t even bore the client with. And a little bit about getting Shot #2 tomorrow. And a teeny bit about Sylvia Plath. And an eensiest amount about a friend from the past deciding to try to re-enter my life.

This last one has me quite vexed. When someone unsubscribes from your life you are under no obligation to let them back in, right? I know this and yet I feel bad about ignoring all her messages. Am I being cold (a big fear of mine, ice-robot heart and all) and selfish? Because of our past do I owe her the time and labor it would take to catch her up on my life since 2016?

It’s strange this popped up today. Yesterday a friend and I were joking about whether his ignorance about Lucy Dacus’ existence would constitute a lifetime ban from my life. I almost told him lifetime banning isn’t my thing, because I don’t think it is. And yet, here I am obsessing about this friend trying to get back in touch. I don’t think I want to re-establish that friendship, and that makes me feel shitty.

Bleh. It’s junior high all over again.

Not a fan,

P.S. I planted the wild flower card Sister #4 got me.

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