The COVID Diaries: Answering Googlers’ Miscellaneous Questions

Hi Darling Ones,

I need wrap up this whole answering the questions things because I made the header images awhile ago and tomorrow is the last entry in the COVID Diaries.*

Fun Fact: If all I ever wrote about was being a 6’5″ woman, Dawson’s Creek, and Tootsie Pop flavors I would be the most popular blogger in all the land. I’d be the Homecoming Queen of Bloggers. Seriously, a vast majority of the search terms that bring people to I Will Dare dot com relate to those three things. One that seems to be making a surge lately is about male attractiveness due to the The Official Matt Dillon Attractiveness Scale. Ellen Willis,** I love people who Google.

What is the best?

  • Peanut butter spread on honeycrisp apples that have been sprinkled with a little salt\
  • The way my cat jumps on the couch to get pet when I say, loudly, “What up, Wendell Gee?” whenever he comes downstairs
  • Central Air (It’s been ass here in the Twin Cities for the last week)
  • This gif
  • Radishes
  • Matt Dillon
  • The 13 seconds from 2:00 to 2:13 in the PTMM version of “Can’t Hardly Wait.”
  • Gin & Tonic & Lime
  • Making your friends laugh
  • French toast with peanut butter and maple syrup
  • When anyone, but especially your niece, says, “I got that book you told me about and I love it.”
  • Writing on a fresh sheet of paper
  • A crowded dining room table
  • Being seen
  • Books
  • The look you get right before someone you want to kiss you kisses you
  • Top Chef
  • The color yellow
  • I saw this or heard this and thought of you

There are a floppity-jillion other things I could list, but I’ll stop there.

Am I too boring?

I doubt it. We all think we’re boring.

What is the only true currency in this bankrupt world?

What you share with someone else when you’re uncool.

what does badonkadonk mean?

Butt. Ass. Bum.

What is the definition of burgeoning?

Beginning to grow.

Why is Pacey better than Dawson?

Because he saw Joey as a full person and not as an extension of him.

How much money did Dawson get from Mr. Brooks?

It’s never explicitly stated, but it’s enough to pay for Joey’s tuition and room & board at Worthington, the imaginary ivy league university she attends.

How does Abby die in Dawson’s Creek?

She drunkenly falls off the pier, hits her head, and drowns.

What episode does Mitch Leery die? Why was Mitch killed off on Dawson’s Creek?

He actually dies at the end of the third episode of season five, but they deal with his death in the fourth episode. I read once that they killed him off because the actor was all, yeah, I’m done. There’s nothing else for Mitch to do here.

Who dies in Dawson’s Creek?

  1. Jen’s Grandpa
  2. Abby Morgan
  3. Mr. Brooks
  4. Mitch Leery
  5. Jen Lindley

When do Joey and Pacey get together?

Their first kiss is season three episode seventeen when Joey goes to visit AJ and discovers he already has a Joey. Our Joey calls Pacey to come and get her, and eventually his kisses her. However, I wouldn’t consider them really together until episode twenty-three when she ditches Dawson to join Pacey and Dawson makes this face.

There were a bunch of questions about Tootsie Pops but I don’t feel like answering them, unless of course Tootsie want to ply me with a lifetime supply of Dots & Tootsie Pops. Don’t tell too many people, but I will work for candy.

See you tomorrow for the covid diary farewell,

*You when the COVID Diaries are over.

**I don’t know about God, but I do know about Ellen Willis and she is my deity of choice.

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