The COVID Diaries: Cinnamon Girl II, The Atomic Boogaloo

Dear Darling Ones,

I would like to report that today was a pretty good day for an endless pandemic during the fall of capitalism. I will tell you the reasons in list form because I’m kinda exhausted (see item #4).

  • I listened to Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll” four times in a row this morning.
  • After I posted yesterday’s letter, my Black Sheep friend Christopher said, and I quote, “I will never be as brave a writer as you are.” And that made smile and tear up.
  • I got donuts and Chicago mix popcorn at the grocery store.
  • I had a two hour video meeting with the Tea Ladies where we talked about books and books and some more books and food and books and they made me laugh so much. I’m exhausted because being witty and angry and bitter out loud makes me tired. All my speaking with humans muscles have atrophied.
  • Largehearted Boy sent me five pounds of Atomic Fireballs because I ran out.
  • When I sent him a thank you email he said, and I quote, “You inspire me almost every day with your writing.” And that made me smile and tear up.
  • Funko, the makers of my favorite plastic garbage, announced Phylis from the Office; Fonzie; The Cranes from Fraiser; and Endora from Bewitched Funko Pops. My desire for these is already mounting. Desire mounts, right?
  • I made a Cuban sandwich for dinner and my stomach is very happy about that.

That’s a lot of things for a random Thursday*.

Contentedly yours,

*I told the Tea Ladies that since March 2020 every day feels like Thursday and they burst out laughing with Anne saying, “I don’t know why that’s so right, but it is.” It makes me mad too because I used to love Thursdays.

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