Day 16 of 200: The Best Day of the Week

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. It might have started when I was a kid and the whole “Must See TV” thing. More likely it started in college. The paper came out on Thursdays (Mondays too, but COME ON) and we had editorial board. I loved ed board where we’d meet to discuss the issue and argue about whatever the staff editorial was gonna be in the next issue. I love arguing. Have I mentioned the “dying on every hill” thing? I’ll come back to that.

Anyway, I still love Thursdays because of CSA Supperclub. When we subscribed to a CSA (BFK is growing our vegetables this year) we’d always get it on Thursday which meant seeing BFK. Last year, when she was working part-time BFK would pick up the CSA and some lunch and we’d hang out in the afternoons. Since she got a real job, we now have dinner. It’s the best. We even do it when there’s no vegetables to divvy up, that’s how much we like it. With everyone out of school & home for the summer CSA Supperclub has grown a bit (from four people a week to about 10), but I still love it.

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