The COVID Diaries: Recent Tiny Delights

Hi Darling Ones,

My status as A #1 Buzzkill is starting to annoy me. Being sad and woe is me is starting to bug the shit out of me. Like, I’m annoyed by my own brain. We get it, Jodi, you’re sad and lonely, shut fuck the up. The being lonely thing really chaps my hide because after spending my 30s being the loneliest motherfucker on the planet, I worked really hard in my 40s to not let that happen anymore and then the pandemic came and wiped all that away.

Now I’m back to being “ohh recognize me. See me. Choose me.” Barf. I recognize that a lot of this has to do with the August? September? breakup I’m still not ready to talk about.

So instead of just whining today, I’m going to share with you some recent tiny delights.


Wendell has discovered over the last few weeks that thick thighs, do in fact, save lives and now spends a lot of time sitting between my legs with half of his body draped over my thigh. This pleases me a great deal for reasons that are obvious.


I don’t hardly ever Facebook, but today my friend Carrie was over there asking for bra recommendations from those of us with boobs of size. It was a goddamn delight, a bunch of people talking about their bras and boobs. For the record, I’m a Lane Bryant Cacique No Wire girl and will be until the day I die. I got a closet full of sexy, underwire, push-up, plunge, satin, lace uncomfortable bras. If I ever go on a date or want to impress a man with a sexy bra again I might wear one of them. But for the most part I’m just gonna wear this boring, comfy as hell cotton bra every day for the rest of my life. (I have more than one, but you know what I mean).


Whenever I spy my niece listening to Phoebe Bridgers or Neko Case on Spotify I am delighted. Speaking of Spotify, spying on what my Spotify friends are listening to is my 2nd favorite creepy internet thing to do. What is my first favorite you ask? Why, it’s dismissing Bumble men who list their Spotify top artists based on their crappy taste in music rather than on them being 5’9″ or that fitness is their hobby. Really? FUCKING FITNESS? Get outta here with that bullshit. Yes, I know I said I was gonna delete Bumble after that guy hurt my feelings, but I did not. Have I matched with anyone since? No. But, Darling Ones, I really get off on judging men’s taste in music. It might be my kink.


For reasons I can’t remember I read this 2013 post about Wolfdogg & favorite songs and that reminded me of The Kooks “She Moves in Her Own Way,” which was probably my favorite song in 2006. I can’t remember who gave me this song, but boy does it make me smile.

Tune in tomorrow where I might tell you about reading Lisa Robinson’s fan-fucking-tastic Nobody Ever Asked Me About the Girls or I will tell you about something else.

I really do move in my own way,

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  1. Lori 18.Nov.20 at 9:51 pm

    That new picture of you is fucking delightful. Like seriously. Lipstick? Lovely.

    1. Jodi Chromey 18.Nov.20 at 10:22 pm

      THANK YOU! I put on lipstick all the time now because I’m so bored.


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