A Very Short History of My Very Favorite Songs From the Past 30 Days

“What was that band you were really into in like 2006? 2007?” Wolfdogg asked me at a not-very-long-ago bookclub.
“The Eels? The Shins? Ted Leo?”
“No. They were European or something.”
“Sondre Lerche? Tallest Man on Earth? Peter Bjorn & John?”
“No. You really loved them they might have been Scottish. Kind of poppy.”
“The Kooks?”
“Yeah, The Kooks.”
“What about them?”
“I don’t remember now.”
“I really loved them.”
“Yeah, you did.”

I have this conversation and ones very much like it a lot. A lot. A lot A lot. I am a fickle music lover, which might come as a surprise to readers of I Will Dare who think I only yammer on about the ‘Mats, Liz Phair, and Stevie Nicks. But if you had to deal with me in the world outside the computer you would know that I have never matured past the “my new favorite song” fifteen-year-old phase of music-loving when every thing you hear is the best thing ever for about 10 minutes.

My love burns intense and quick and it is shallow as sin. I make no apologies. I do, however, like to make confessions. So here I present you with a complete list of my very favorite songs for past 30 days, in chronological order.

Editor’s Note: I started to write this post when I felt like mold last week when it was snowing in May and never got around to finishing it until right now.

Jake Bugg, “Two Fingers”

The drums in this one caught me the moment I heard it on The Current. Also the way he sings “I got out, I got out, I got out.” I listened to this song over and over before giving the whole, not too shabby album, a shot.

Stevie Nicks, “That Made Me Stronger”

I know, you’re all, enough with this fucking song it is so March, but I had a crisis of writing faith and had to double back for this one on like a Wednesday & Thursday in April.

Metric, “Gimme Sympathy”

I spent all day today talking, arguing, and/or writing about Rock & Roll. It was a glorious. I forgot why I’m telling you this. Oh, I remember, because I heard that the new Vampire Weekend record has songs with a lot of proper nouns and I don’t like that because it makes me think the band is just pitching to be included in a commercial like that awful song that includes the words Kia Sorrento in it. But if a song mentions band I like, then I’m all over it. See: Drive-by Truckers, “Carl Perkins’ Cadillac,” The ‘Mats, “Alex Chilton,” and First Aid Kits’ “Emmylou.” I stumbled on this Metric tune after I got tickets for Rock the Garden.

Also, the answer is The Rolling Stones. Always The Rolling Stones.

Lissie, “Shameless”

The Metric song only got a few days as my reigning very favorite song because it was usurped by this song by Lissie, someone I’d never really paid any attention to until I heard this song on the radio.

Lissie, “Cuckoo”

And now we come to “Cuckoo” which is my current very favorite song. In fact, is usurped “Shameless” after about twelve hours. I’ve listened to the Lissie album “Catching a Tiger” in its entirety seven times since I discovered it on Friday. I’m nothing if not obsessive. This song is my favorite because I love the line “I fell in love with being defiant.” I’ve woken up singing this song every day since I heard it.

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  1. Trish F 07.May.13 at 11:32 pm

    Tegan and Sara – “Closer” was the gateway to the whole “Heartthrob” album, which has been in super HEAVY rotation around here

    1. Jodi 08.May.13 at 10:02 am

      Oh yeah, that’s a good’un. I struggle with Tegan & Sara because they were like my very favorite band in 2003? 2004? And now they just remind me of the awful relationship I was in during that time. It’s taken me a long time to reclaim their music without the icky memories.


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