The COVID Diaries: Certain Kind of Girl

Hello Darling Ones,

It may surprise you to learn that when I open this screen to write my daily plague diary entry I frequently have no idea what will tumble from my fingers. Yesterday’s forest of dick pics entry kinda spilled out. I think I was originally gonna write about my cat or my butt or maybe dinner? I can’t remember. Yesterday was a long time ago.

Shocking, isn’t it? I know you come to I Will Dare for very well-written, edited, and well-reasoned essays about life as a 6’5″ Spinster Goddess living through late-stage capitalism in the Undignified Stupidities of America.

After the great Supergenius HQ refi of 2020 and that ones search for “you assholes are ruining everything,” reconnecting with my blog is the best thing to happen in 2020 (which is saying a lot because 2020 doesn’t have one damn thing going for it at all).

I come here to write almost every day again for many reasons. Let me list them because the Internet loves a list.

  1. Work is slow. So slow. I worked 5 hours last week which is the most I’ve worked in a few fortnights (and yes, it nearly killed me).
  2. I’m living alone again and I recently(ish) ended a very bad for me and my self-esteem relationship I didn’t talk about because I was ashamed, so I’m kinda looking to find myself again.
  3. Because I want to.
  4. I want a record of all this. All that is 2020.

See? I did not intend to tell you any of that when I got here tonight. No, I was gonna talk about finding the movie “Kicking & Screaming” and kind of watching it again for the first time in 25 years while making my Lesbian TikTok Hat (more on that later).

For those of you who were not 23 in 1995, you might not know that there was a certain kind of guy who just raved about how good this movie was and I was the certain kind of girl who always liked those ding dong guys. And being that certain kind of girl, I pretended to like this movie. That was during a brief time in my life where I thought if I didn’t get it, then it must be really great art. I was wrong. Or right. The movie is not good. It’s a bunch of GenX dudes sitting around talking and just being self-absorbed jerks. But it does have Eric Stoltz and Parker Posey in it, so there’s that.

Aside: I am listening to a Spotify Playlist called “Nightswimming Radio” and it includes Nick Caves’ “Into My Arms” and The Lemonheads’ “Into Your Arms” and this pleases me immensely..

Anyway, that’s all I got. It snowed a bunch today and I’ve been up since 6:30 a.m. because I had a bunch weird dreams about bowling alleys and plane crashes and kinda wanting to fuck this guy I know but instead standing next to his bed and talking about soda pop instead.

I dunno,

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