The COVID Diaries: Refinanced

So, Darling Ones, I closed on the Supergenius HQ’s refinance yesterday and now our long, national nightmare is over. Just kidding, our actual national nightmare continues, unabated, because Republicans are greedy, immoral monsters with no conscience and continue to support the fascist, racist gameshow host in chief.

Ugh. Barf.

However, I no longer have to worry about a $24K balloon payment looming at me in January 2021. Instead, I now have a mortgage that costs less per month than the last apartment I rented in 2005 and a loan that I won’t pay off until October 2050.*

Isn’t it lovely?

Actually, it is. In the fall, the light that filters through the tree in my front yard into my living room is beautiful and romantic and gives me all kinds of smooshy feelings about this home that I’ve worked so hard for. Especially now as the virus rages on and the USA continues to be the literal worse place on Earth.

Even with the too-short toilets and utterly disgusting 20+ year-old carpet (which will be replaced in Summer 2021 if the world doesn’t end before that) this is the one place in the whole world where I feel totally comfortable. And this is saying a lot, because this world is not a comfortable place for a 6’5″ fat woman. Not even close.

I’ve been a little sad and lonely these last few weeks. Seeing Jodi Chromey, unmarried, on so many of those documents i had to sign yesterday didn’t help much.

Sometimes I get bummed that I haven’t worked harder to find a romantic partner or to have children, but then I think about how much I love this little house with all the yarn and the plants and the orange cat and I’m okay with my decisions. It’s not that I don’t know how to work hard, I just worked hard for other things.

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