Day 193 of 200: Chesapeake Bay (SotW)

Somehow I still feel the need to apologize to everyone about the Bright Eyes phase I went through back in aught-three. A cursory search of the I Will Dare archives show many posts that filch Conor Oberst’s lyrics for their titles.

I refuse to apologize for my Phoebe Bridgers phase, which is still in full effect. Join me in this phase.

So you know I was gonna be drawn to the Better Oblivion Community Center collaboration between the Oberst & Bridgers, right? Of course I was. Her ethereal haunting voice with his earthy scratchy vocals was not something I was going to stay away from. And boy I have been rewarded with the song “Chesapeake.”

I would been a fan of this song about going to a big concert when you’re the fan of the much smaller, less-known opening band and not so much of the headliner. I love the line “I was all covered in sound. When you asked me to turn it down.” I also love using sweet child of mine to address someone.

But what I love the most is the obvious reference to The Replacements. “I can’t hardly wait for someone to replace.” I am easily pleased.

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