Day 194 of 200: Five Thoughts on ‘A Star is Born’

Thought 1
You can dye her hair brown or orange or whatever and give her “natural-looking” makeup, but you can’t make me believe Lady Gaga is ugly. In fact, she’s super charming in this movie and I think she looks stunning in the brown hair and natural makeup. Every time she ran her finger down her profile I wanted to hug her.

Thought 2
Right about the time I was gonna google to find out which song Jason Isbell wrote, Jackson Maine started singing it and I instantly knew it was Isbell’s.

Thought 3


The overall story is kind of bullshit. Suicide is not a romantic notion. It’s not a grace-filled thing you do for the love your life. Bleh

Thought 4
I wish there was some comment on how Ally, a woman, had to change everything about everything — her looks, her music, how she performs — to be famous and ol’ Jackson could just show up in crusty-old jeans and greasy hair and nobody said anything. Instead it’s played as though she sold out. UghBarf.

Thought 5
Sam Elliott was in it for 12 minutes. Why was he nominated? I love Sam Elliott and think he should win just for being himself, but come on. Really?

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