Day 192 of 200: The Cobbler’s Child

Earlier this week I had a phone interview with a potential client. He was funny and forthright about his writing and editing skills. I was, well, dorky and awkward. This should come as no surprise.

At one point in the call he asked me if there was a place he could see my work.

“I went to your website, but it was down for maintenance.” he said.
“Uhhhh. . .” I said. “Well, it is. January is usually slow, and so I re-do website. It hasn’t been as slow as I anticipated.”
“Ahh,” he said, understanding.

Then I rattled off a few of my clients’ websites he could go to. After a half-second of hesitation I said, “You can also go to my personal blog, If you’re easily offended, you might want to skip it.”
He laughed.
“It’s eighteen years old and probably the most accurate reflection of my personality there is.”

I could hear him chuckling as I launched into my work history, the history of the website, and what I do now.

“I see one picture here with blue hair and one picture here with no hair,” he said.

Then we talked about my hair. It went really well.

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