Day 166 of 200: Still Frivolous After All These Years

We’re six days into 2019, but damnit Darling Ones, it’s been a motherfucker so far. Let me count the ways:

  • I’m still sick
  • Today my furnace decided to be a total sporadically working and not working for random reasons dick
  • A client’s website is down and I can’t fix it and that is driving me nutty
  • I made waffles for breakfast and it made me so sick in a different way than the sick mentioned at #1 that I had to take a two hour nap after breakfast
  • I can’t taste chocolate or anything
  • Last night I was reading The Bluest Eye and got to the part about autumn and thinking of somebody with hands who does not want me to die and I cried/coughed so much I literally barfed in my mouth

I’m down deep in the woe-is-me if I have not made that clear. I’m in the “I took my health for granted” portion of this cold. So dramatic.

But now the Golden Globes are on. So far they are awkward and weird, which makes them fun to watch, but more importantly, watching them reminds me of that guy who dumped me because I called football frivolous.

Remember? Hilarious. Still.

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