Day 145 of 200: Top Chef Super Nerd

“Top Chef” is my favorite show currently on TV. It’s the one show I actually buy on Amazon so I can watch it while it airs, and even though I own a lot of the seasons I still watch the old ones on Hulu because I am lazy. Last night I told Sister #2, that my proudest achievement of 2018 is getting my brother-in-law hooked on the show so now I have someone to talk about it with.

This year, I’ve chosen random seasons of “Top Chef” to be my go-top while working on the reindeer hats for Dorkmas. I’m currently in the midst of “Top Chef: Texas.” I’ve seen every season at least two times, but I’ve seen my favorite seasons upwards of three or four times. Recently, I went through all the seasons and just watched the Restaurant Wars episodes.

I love shows like this, with people who are super passionate about what they do coupled with creativity and quick-thinking on demand.

When it comes to “Top Chef” I’m a super nerd, and my new favorite game is to try to see if I can remember which contestant goes home each episode. So far in this Texas season I’m at 100%.

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