Day 2 of 200: A Deep, Dark Confession

Here’s a deep, dark confession. Yep, a new confession 17 years into this blog.

First, you should know I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. There’s no reason to feel guilty for things that bring you pleasure – unless it’s puppy kicking or molesting or being a Republican. You fuckers should feel guilty & charged with crimes.

However, I do have some shame about a few of the things I love. In particular, the reality-based TV show “Big Brother.” I’m not sure why I enjoy the show so much, because I forget everything about it the minute they crown the winner in September.

My entire family watches this stupid show every summer. It just might be the only thing we all have in common – this show. It gives us something to talk about when we gather at Sister #2’s Minnesota house every-other Sunday for family dinner. I like to quiz my family about who they would evict first if we were all in the house together. I lobby hard to evict my brother-in-law since he’s athletic, smart, well-liked, and forever loyal to Sister #2. Maxwell might be the second to go since, as my alliance member Jaycie has pointed out, he’s King of the Tibbles.

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