Day 165 of 200: Sickbed Confessional

  • I did not make warm, life-affirming soup for my family before their departure to Oregon. Instead, I told them I was sick and they should bring food, so they did. When I said hello to Sister #2 last night we both looked at each other in surprise at how awful I sounded. “Why are you so surprised?” she asked. “I haven’t spoken to anyone in two days,” I croaked.
  • I had to say goodbye to Sully the dog who went back to Oregon with Jaycie and I’m pissed that I forgot to sing Goodbye Sully, it’s been nice. I hope you find your paradise.
  • I have gone through an entire box of Kleenex since Tuesday.
  • Tonight I had a salad for dinner and it tasted like water and nothing, and I’m a little pissed that I can taste my own onion breath but I couldn’t actually taste any onions when I as eating the salad.
  • I discovered “Gidget” on Amazon Prime and it’s easily the best thing to happen to me so far this year.
  • Last night I only woke up five times in a coughing fit instead of the 918 times the night before leading me to believe I might survive.
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