Day 141 of 200: All the Things Making Me Anxious

I’m making a list and not even going to check it once, because these things are going round and round in my head.

  • My house being a cardboard shanty-town because my mom buys a ridiculous number gifts for my stupid large family. I feel like I live in a hoarder house with tiny walkways carved through the mess like a weird maze.
  • This leads to my other anxiety, getting my house clean enough to host A Very St. Martin Christmas. It’s super bad and hoardy-looking right now, and I still haven’t put together the last chair from this summer’s dining room reupholstering project.
  • I’m in that sort of work spiral of anxiety where I have so much to do, very little time in which to do it, and clients keep asking for more and I suck at saying no, or even wait. I’m so down in it I can’t tell what’s an actual urgent project for a client and what a someone just wants done because they’re sliding into the holiday lull and these things are just occurring to them now because it’s Holy Shit Week.

I only got three anxieties in and there’s more, but I’m out of words.

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