Day 140 of 200: Welcome to Holy Shit Week

It has been a damn day, Darling Ones. It started being annoying at 8:20 this morning and it did not stop, it has not stopped, and it probably will not stop until I pass out under the covers.

When my brother-in-law Ben stopped by to pick up The Fellas, he said that Tuesdays were always a bad day for him.

“It’s ‘Oh Shit’ day,” he said. “It’s when every one finally gets to work after slacking off on Friday and trying to make up for it on Monday.”
“Oh,” I said. “I get it. This most be Holy Shit Week. Everyone is going bananas because the holidays are coming and now they want to cram in all the end of year stuff this week.”
“Yep,” he said.

Then I continued to whine to him about all my work which I will not go into great detail lest someone read this and get pissy. One of these days I need to tell you how I lost a gig because I bitched on the Twitters about people expecting me to work for free. That story will take way more than 200 words because it is complicated and stupid. Kind of how this day has been.

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