Day 142 of 200: Taking a Break

Last night I had one of those dreams that seemed to last forever, but consisted of only one scene. That scene was a random copy editor dude arguing with me about how I use too many em dashes.

That’s it. That was the whole dream and it sucked. I woke up exhausted. I spent the day exhausted. I’m typing this exhausted.

To help alleviate some of my anxiety, I took the afternoon off. I made creamy (Ellen Willis, I hate that word. It might be my least favorite word) chicken wild rice soup. I worked on the Dorkmas hats. I started reading Those Who Knew Idra Novey.

It was probably the smartest thing I did all week. Did I still spend a lot of time freaking out about all the stuff I need to do? Yes. However, I didn’t just spin and spin and spin and get nowhere and make bad decisions and produce shoddy stuff. So that’s a win of some sort right?

Tonight BFK came over early for CSA Supperclub, and we shouted about all the things driving us bananas. Plus, she brought me some cookies because I asked her to, and that was for sure a win.

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