Day 139 of 200: I Forgot to be in the Moment

When it happened I thought, oh, I should quicky write about this before it gets away.

It was what I believe is called “being present in the moment.” I was wearing super cozy pajamas, my coffee was the perfect temperature with the exact right amount of creamer in it, Sully was snuggled up against my thigh, I was singing along to Liz Phair’s “Perfect World,” and work was going well. It was a moment where I felt like life is not too shabby right this second.

I probably had more poetic thoughts in the moment, but I did not quicky write about it. And roughly 90 seconds later everything went to hell anyway. So much hell that I’m typing this at 7 p.m. while the oven preheats for a frozen pizza I’ll be having for dinner at some point before bed. Not quite the dinner I planned in my head, but I was on a work roll and didn’t feel like quitting.

So, at least I had a lovely moment of contentment today, even if it is only a vague memory. Now I’m gonna shove much pizza into my face and work my fingers to the bone on reindeer hats for Dorkmas.

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