Day 150 of 200: Hobo Cup & Pointless Explanations

Pictured above is a Taco Bell cup filled with “Tropical Drink” which is different than Fruit Punch, though I love that too.

Even though I loathe plastic cups, I love this one. I know it was supposed to be used once and then disposed of, but it holds so much ice and has a straw! Mostly I drink out of my water bottle and when I want something that is not water, a Smurf glass from 1983.

So, I’ve been using this cup for iced beverages since I got it on December 11th. I know it was December 11th because I went to Taco Bell after grocery shopping during my quest to shove as many chicken taco roll-ups into my body as possible during their limited run.

Until the 11th, I would use one cup for a week and then replace it with a new cup. However, when I went on the 18th (I grocery shop on Tuesdays) my roll-ups were no more, and thus my reason to go to Taco Bell. I feel the need to explain this to everyone who comes over so they don’t think that I had Taco Bell that day. I’m not sure why I care.

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