Day 179 of 200: Survey Says

Confession: I love to take surveys. I have lots of opinions and I’m always very happy when someone asks me about them. Today I got to fill out not one, but two surveys. They were super long and asked a questions I actually had to think about.

The makers of the Nest thermostat vastly overestimate how often I discuss my thermostat needs with my friends. How likely am I to recommend the Nest to people? I dunno. Unlikely? If someone asks, I’ll give them a hearty endorsement, but I’m not gonna go around asking my friends if they’ve accepted the Lord Nest into their homes.

The other survey came from Bitch Media, a magazine I subscribe to, but don’t often read because I’m bad at reading magazines. I’m good at reading books, so I don’t have too much guilt about this. I mostly subscribe because I like the idea of Bitch, I like the work they do.

The Bitch survey amused me because the questions assumed I was about twenty-four. I am not. My favorite response was “I did not need Bitch to tell me about the mid-term elections, i’v voted in every election I for the last (nearly) 30 years.”

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