Day 138 of 200: Sully Kravitz the Smartest Dog Here

Walter is curled up on the couch next to me, he’s leaning against my left leg and I keep taking my hands off the laptop so I can pet him and tell him how much I love his butt. I’d do the same to Sully, but he’s crashed out in a nest of blankets on the other couch.

Speaking of Sully, wanna hear another story about how smart he is?

On Thursday, he kept bugging Ben as he installed a new doorknob. We’ve taken to calling the dog Sully Kravitz because he’s the nosiest. In an attempt to get Sully Kravitz to leave Ben alone I asked him to go get his dragon. Usually the dragon is in the blanket nest Sully has made in front of the TV, but for some reason he had left Draggy in the windowsill where he likes to perch when keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

“Sully, go get your dragon,” I said, and he ran to the blanket nest. “Nope. It’s up there,” I said pointing to the window, not holding out much hope he’d figure it out since Draggy was hidden behind Ben’s coat.

But damnit if he didn’t figure it out.

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