Day 183 of 200: Homework

I literally worked from nine to five today. There was an hour-long break in there to teach my mom how to use Venmo, so she could send the college-age niblings money. I’ve never seen someone so happy about an easy way to give away money. “I just hate sending them checks because I’m afraid they might never get them.”

This from a woman who would sigh dramatically whenever I begged for $40 while I was in college. Hrmph!

However, that was not my homework. Tonight my homework was reading eight recipes about making pork ramen in the crock pot. And three recipes about soft boiling eggs.

Tomorrow for CSA Supperclub I’m making caramelized pork ramen. I get vigilant when I’m making a dish for the first time. I’ve read each of the eight recipes about three times. I’ve written down on pen and paper the list of ingredients. I’ve pulled out the spices from the cupboard. I’ve lined up the ginger and garlic next to a cutting board.

It’s so nerdy, and unlike me to be so prepared. Yet here I am. I just want the food to be good, as if BFK and Ben would judge me if it weren’t.

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