Day 75 of 200: The Goldilocks of Coffee Makers

When times are trash and I’m full of despair I like to buy things to shove into the hole in my soul. Usually, I’m much too broke to do this. However, since I spent the entire summer working my ass off and now I’m working about 30 hours a week for my old company, I’ve got two nickels to rub together.

I spent those nickels on a new coffee maker because I hated my old one, and life is way too short to use something every day that you actively hate. I’m the Goldilocks of coffee makers and the $20 I bought last year was not cutting the mustard.

I hated it. It’s been demoted to back up in case of emergency status. It didn’t beep when it was done. The coffee was never hot enough and it didn’t have cool blue lights. Plus, I couldn’t tell if it was all set for the morning by looking at it from the stairs as I went to bed at night.

So far, I love this baby even though I’ve had a bad experience with this brand before — Cuisinart. I’m coffee maker cursed and I’ve bought like seven in my 16-year coffee making career.

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