Day 26 of 200: How Many Pop Tart Wrappers Can an Old Chair Hold?

All things considered, the amount of crap pulled from the depths of the shitty green chair wasn’t as embarrassing as it could have been. Sure, there were enough Pop Tart wrappers to fill a new box, but that was really the extent of it. There was one purple Sharpie pen that I was kinda happy to see, and a never-opened Hershey’s Chocolate Nugget with Almonds. Nobody took my offer of $1 if they ate it. Wimps.

I was not sad to see the chair go. It will live a happy life in BFK’s nephew’s South Dakota dorm room.

I’m already eagerly awaiting the new chair that will fill the hole in my living room. Allegedly, it will arrive on Friday.

Isn’t she lovely?

What I’m eagerly awaiting even more than the chair is for the pit in my stomach over spending so much money to dissolve. The new chair was less than I budgeted and the cheapest version of the chair that I could find. Still, whenever I spend more than $20 on something that isn’t the weekly groceries (or monthly bills) I want to vomit. It’s a side-effect of being a freelancer and living with financial uncertainty on a daily basis.

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