Day 76 of 200: Some Minor Updates

Update to Day 64: My bowl of glow-in-the-dark candy actually DOES glow in the dark. I discovered this by shining my iPhone’s flashlight on a recently-eaten Kit Kat. I cannot tell you how much this delighted me.

Update to Day 63: I laughed for 10 minutes at a snap, I believe the kids call them snaps, I sent my niece. It was a selfie and the I added a rainbow caption so that the apostrophe in You’re looked like a booger coming out of my nose. I slay me.

Update to Day 57: The wormhole continues to be wormy. I’m having a lot of fun working with JTo again and doing all that product marketing stuff I used to do. I find myself in the strange position where I’m turning down work. If any local freelancers want some leads on a copywriter/content job, hit me up.

Update to Day 69: Nice. I finished Dessa’s My Own Devices and I really loved it. It took me a long time to get over her referring to her exBF as X even though we all know his real name, but I have issues. Sub-update, I’d slot this book right between Rat Girl and Pat Benatar in this list.

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