Day 151 of 200: Dishpan Hands

I am nothing if not a bundle of quirks, opinions, and predilections. And I’m a big bundle, which means i can fit a lot of those in there. Yet, with all of that I did not manage to pick up the clean freak one.

Cleaning is the worst. It’s so stupid and boring and kinda, well, dirty. Bleh. My guess is if you do a deep cleaning more than once or twice a year it’s not so heinous when you do it.

I spent all day today cleaning and it sucked butt. And it’s still not done. I’ve reached the point in cleaning where I’m all “fuck em, if they think my house is too dirty someone else can host A Very St. Martin Christmas.”

I’ve been hosting VSMC for like 12 years now and nobody has complained about the state of my house. However, my cousin Billy once complained about the smell of the soap in my bathroom, but only because he was copying my bitchy sisters who complained first. He was shocked and appalled that this as something a sister would complain about.

Incidentally, I did complain about Sister #2’s soap on Thanksgiving. It’s vanilla-scented and so so gross.

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