Day 74 of 200: The 3 Breakfast Day

What were you doing when the freedom left your body as the motherfuckers in the Senate voted to confirm Judge Beer Bong Rapist?

I was probably eating breakfast. This isn’t much of a stretch as every meal I ate today was breakfast. I made a breakfast quesadilla at 9. I had a bagel & apples at 2. And just about an hour ago I had my favorite of all comfort breakfasts — eggs, potatoes, and sausage. If you know one thing about me, let it be that ya girl can cook an egg. It’s the one benefit of growing up the daughter of people who mostly worked in diners their whole lives.

I don’t quite have words for how devastated and full of despair I am. It feels like November 9, 2016 all over again, but with less disbelief and way more helplessness. I’m so angry I want to punch all the well-meaning do-gooders who keep imploring people to vote and continue fighting. I want change and I want it now. I want a new congress. I want everyone who voted yes to be tried for treason. I want everyone to stop pretending like this entire presidency isn’t a sham and like any of this counts.

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