Day 63 of 200: Why I’m Rarely Bored

Today, after work I was sitting on the working couch with Gladys shut and the window open. I was happy to open the window because it had been pretty shitty and rainy the past few days.

I was just sitting there enjoying the cool breeze on my neck. No music. No TV. No audiobook. No new obsession that started this morning, Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby. I was mostly enjoying the breeze and thinking about what I would write about tonight. Since I had worked an entire eight hours, I spent most of the day feeling overwhelmed and busy. I pondered writing about how much I hate busy people and more specifically people who talk about their busyness.

One of the lines in the draft I was writing in my head was, “that’s just not my particular flavor of asshole.” As soon as I imaginary wrote the sentence I busted out laughing. I laughed for 10 minutes while the breeze blew on my neck.

I spent another 10 minutes debating if I should play the line straight in the blog post I was gonna write or if I’d point out how hilarious I am. I got hungry before I reached a decision.

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