Day 62 of 200: Never Gonna Do This Again

Back in my software days one of my work best friends was a lovely woman named Jess. She was an amazing designer and a great friend. I remember having a particularly bad day once at work. I cannot remember what it was that upset me so, but I do remember the sweet, simple wisdom Jess shared with.

She told me how when she was little and had a bad day her mom would tuck her into bed at night and say, “Well, at least you never have to live through January 19, 1987 again.” Or whatever day it was.

I’m feeling a lot of that today. Thank Ellen Willis I don’t ever have to live through September 24th, 2018 again.

It’s been a garbage day that started at 6:30 a.m. with men literally tearing the roof off the neighbor’s house, involved an as-yet-unresolved fight with a friend about feminism and allyship, and, of course, the ongoing nightmare that is the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation bullshit. Reading about what happened Deborah Ramirez was tough. It’s very similar to what happened to me in college.

Men, do not put your penises in the faces or mouths of drunken women. Knock it off. We do not like it.

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