Day 64 of 200: There is Not a Party in Every Bite

When I was a senior in high school I lived with my cousin Patty and her kids — Buddy who was 6 and twins Lisa & Lynn, 5.

That year I lived with them Chips Ahoy were running a commercial about their new cookies with sprinkles on them. The tagline was, “there’s a party in every bite!”

Lisa and Lynn were obsessed with the commercial. They wanted them so bad. I can’t remember who finally got them the cookies, me or their mom. What I do remember is I was there when they had them the first time. They were jump-up-and-down excited about the cookies. I gave them each one, and watched as their identical faces fell when they bit into cookies and nothing happened.

“There is NOT a party in every bite!” They cried. They believed a dance party complete with a confetti cannon was going to break out as soon as they took a bite. They were crushed.

Last week I bought a bunch of Halloween candy merely because the bag advertised “Glow in the dark wrappers!” Allegedly you have to “charge them under light.” Either my lights aren’t strong enough or I fell for the ol’ party in every bite trick.

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