Day 156 of 200: Recovering

I have not spoken a single word since 2:30 yesterday. I said goodbye to my Aunt Anna as I was getting into Ruby after Boxing Day Lunch.

Aside: Anna said I inspired her to quit dying her hair and let her grey grow out. I’m a real trendsetter amongst small-town baby boomers related to me.

I’m not really ready to talk or blog yet. Christmas was filled with cheese, chocolate, and so much emotional upheaval that I’m still processing and recovering from.

Right now I’m pretty numb and exhausted. My goal today is to take as many naps as I can in am attempt to catch up on so much lost sleep.

The only reason I’m babbling here now is guilt. I was feeling guilty for taking two days off from the blog.

I had full intentions of blogging on Christmas, but I didn’t get home until one in the morning & I could barely drag myself up to bed. So tired.

It’s been a gauntlet of socialness for this introvert since Sunday. At lunch I said to BFK that I was surprised I was still talking. I have no idea where I found the energy because I am so tapped out.

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