Day 6 of 200: Over-socialized

🚨🚨Warning: I figured out how to add emojis to my posts. I have no idea if they’ll show up when I hit publish. The real warning is that I’m super cranky, for three distinct reasons.

1.) I bit my tongue while eating dinner. I bit it so hard it made a gross noise in my brain, and I fished around my half-chewed mouthful of salad with the uninjured portion of my tongue for a piece of tongue. There was none. Now I’m convinced there’s a piece of arugula lodged in my esophagus.

2.) Next door neighbor Stinky Big Truck (not Shovelly Joe) is giving oil changes/tuning up every loud stinky vehicle in Shakopee. Or at least it seems like that. I’m only annoyed by this because of #1 and #3.

3.) I’m so over-socialized I barely have words. I’ve been social six out of the last seven days. I had a brief reprieve today, but then I had to get groceries and fill up on gas, so it barely counts as a hermit day. My nerves are dry and brittle and easy to snap. Being over-socialized means I have a constant panicky feeling in my chest like I overslept and can’t seem to catch up.

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