How I Spend My Time Lately

  • Procrastinating. There has been no writing of any kind. Not blogging. Not book reviewing. Not replying to emails. Definitely not working on Book #2. Nope.
  • Pondering. I’m pondering a lot. 98% of this pondering is about Book #2 which doesn’t have a nickname yet because I haven’t started writing it, but I have thought a lot about writing it.
  • Watching Archer, seasons 1- 5 (twice). Re-watching The Office (this one is my nephew Maxwell’s fault).
  • Laying on the couch reading comicbooks (Nimona, Kill My Mother) and three different novels (Armada, Luckiest Girl Alive, and Fates and Furies which doesn’t include the novel I am reading in bed (Delicious Foods) or the one I am listening to after reading the one I read in bed (Loving Day).
  • Being easily distracted. I do that a lot.
  • Watching videos of baby goats with Liam, the youngest Tibble.
  • Enjoying TibbleSummer as much as it can be enjoyed with one cantankerous teen and two tweens.
  • Cuddling with Walter every chance I get.
  • Eating copious amounts of Pad Thai with FFJ and discussing men we would like to make out with.
  • Drinking iced mochas by the gallon.
  • Listening to Jaycie tell tales about her trip to Spain. Oh to be seventeen and beautiful and in Spain!
  • Flirting with handsome fellas on OkCupid! Only to have them disable their accounts shortly after because apparently I’m some kind of online dating pariah.
  • Singing the song from “Lava.”
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