Today is I Will Dare’s 14th Anniversary!

And on this day back at the turn of the century (2000) I Will Dare (dot com, not the song) blinked into existence. I’m not feeling too wise or in the mood to pontificate on blogging or longevity. Instead, I present to you the 14 most popular posts according to Google Analytics (really it’s the most popular for the past 10 years, my website was five years old by the time Google Analytics popped up).

In order from most to least popular:

  1. You don’t know tall: The perils of being a 6’5? single woman (2007)
  2. The 10 Best Episodes of Dawson’s Creek, a list because Polly asked and the draft was still there (2008)
  3. What You Talk About When You Talk About Not Having Time to Read (2010)
  4. 10 Movies Every Woman Should See (2009)
  5. Emotional porn (2007)
  6. The 10 best episodes of The Flintstones, an anniversary tribute list (2010)
  7. Beg to differ: 9 literary siblings who are much more interesting than Franny & Zooey (2012)
  8. Crackpot Theory #64: Why Jack Kerouac is still popular even though he sucks (2007)
  9. You say HAIM and I hear Nu Shooz or Stacey Q or, hell, even Debbie Gibson (2013)
  10. Because you asked for it: Top 10 reasons why Pacey is better than Dawson (2011)
  11. Arguments I have with myself as if I were my own nagging spouse (2008)
  12. On Proper Concert Attire (2009)
  13. A crime against Rock & Roll and humanity (2009)
  14. How come no one ever mentions popping boners at a rock concert? (2013)
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  1. Donna Trump 31.Jul.14 at 12:33 pm

    1st of all, I discovered Dawson’s Creek ~10yrs ago in reruns at like 8-9am weekdays and I watched the whole series and it was awesome. Second, I couldn’t agree more about Jack Kerouac. Third, my sister is 6’2″ and her husband is 5’9″ max. So. There you have it.


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