The 10 best episodes of The Flintstones, an anniversary tribute list

Ann Margrock
There should be absolutely no argument on this one.

Samantha moves in next door
This should prove once and for all that Samantha is far superior to Jeannie. Also, I always really loved the way Dino loses his shit when Samantha cleans up Pebbles bedroom.

The Swimming Pool

Cave Scout Jamboree
Included solely for when all the scouts sing Old McDonald in their own language.

Let the Sun Shine In

Gloom Groom
I cant find a video of this one, but its the one where Fred falls asleep and dreams that Pebbles marries Arnold the paperboy he despises.


Ten Little Flintstones
I cant embed this one, but I love all the alien Freds running around with their robotic Yabba Dabba Doo.

Goggles Pisano

Burgers on a Bun

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  1. Tony 30.Sep.10 at 5:51 pm

    Good to see the Goggles Pisano episode made the cut, but where is “The Beauty Contest”? It has everything, The Loyal Order of Waterbuffaloes, Fred and Barney hiding things from their wives, Mr. Slate intimidating Fred in what is sure to be an HR violation of some kind … everything.

  2. Jodi 30.Sep.10 at 5:57 pm

    Tony, it’s not a Top 11 list. I had to leave a lot of great episodes out. I always loved the one where Betty & Wilma infiltrate the Royal Order of Waterbuffalo, too. But I went with Goggles, because that name just rules.

  3. mike frontera 29.Mar.16 at 11:23 pm

    How could u possibly leave off the Flintstone Flyer Fred at his caniving best Barney is so goofy and dumb big omission on ur part


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