Eleven Days: Highlights & Lowlights

Hi Darling Ones,

For someone who is essentially homebound, I’ve been busy and it feels like a lot has happened. I’m gonna give you the highlights. I’m working on something more in-depth marking 6 months of stroke survival, but until then . . .

  • The new Morgan Wade record is kinda so-so, but that new Ratboys record is at least three fire emojis.
  • The polyp I had removed turned out to just be super gross, but also super rare and maybe a harbinger of cancer. I had a uterine biopsy on Monday. Not fun. Do not recommend. While my doctor hasn’t called yet, the test results included the words “benign” and “negative for malignancy.” So I’m taking that as good news.
  • Sister #2 has been here for a week and a half. We cleaned out my loft and she read my 9th grade poetry out loud until tears of laughter streamed down my cheeks.
  • I discovered I can eat thin crust pizza without my blood sugar skyrocketing.
  • However, eating five Sweet Martha’s cookies makes it jump to 180. Hrmph! Though Multi-grain Cheerios makes it jump even higher. My blood sugar should range from 80 – 130.
  • My vision has gotten worse, which is beyond frustrating. Everything is blurry all of the time.
  • Because I live in the USA, the best country on Earth, insurance companies get to determine what is best for me.
  • This means I had to go through three months of uncomfortable eye treatments using a cheap, less-effective medicine to see if it might work.
  • It did not and now I get to cross my fingers that insurance will cover the good, expensive treatment.
  • It will cost between $5000 & $6000 per eye, per treatment.
  • I have treatments every four weeks.
  • Thanks to Lexapro, I do not obsess over what will happen if it’s not covered (even an 80/20 split leaves me on the hook for $1000-$1200 per eye, per treatment).
  • I got to meet the kittens tomorrow. One will be Wendell’s new BFF and my new roommate. Names in the running include: Wallace, Willie, Pickles, Mortimer, Fig, Fergus, Mondale, Otto, and Ponyboy.

Still kicking,

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