Supergenius, Inc. is Growing

Darling Ones,

Supergenius, Inc. has doubled in size! Friday we added two new colleagues to our tiny operation.

Fergus and Mortimer came to from Sister #4’s house in Savage. Their mother, Patches, was a South Dakota stray who adopted by sister shortly before she moved back. One day before a thunderstorm, Patches appeared on her porch. She tried to find Patches’ humans, but to no avail. Patches had already made herself at home by the time my sister realized she was pregnant.

As my nephew Maxwell said, when she told us of the pregnancy, “FREE KITTENS!”

My intentions was to only bring Mortimer (he’s the black and white one) into the fold, but y mom used sneaky mom-tricks to con me into taking two kittens.

“They’re best buds,” she said. “They do everything together.”

And she’s right.

So I took in Fergus (the fuzzy grey one) too. Three cats to one human officially makes me a crazy cat lady, which was my destiny anyway. Why fight it?

The three cats have yet to form a trio. There’s curiosity on both sides, more so Wendell. His yearning to play with the kittens reminds me of how I felt when my sister wouldn’t let me join their fake band. I’m still bitter!

Pretty sure adopting two kittens while trying to recover from the stroke is the worst idea, but as Sister #2 said, “There’s only one way to find out!”

Wish us luck!

Crazily, catly, ladily yours,

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