Four Reasons for Posting a Selfie

Sorry, Darling Ones,

I’ve been super chatty thus far this week and I’m sure many people are about full up of my nattering. Good thing reading this website is optional!

Today I have three reasons to come here to post a few selfies (as seen above).

Reason #1: One of the Tea Ladies told me my skin looked wonderful or beautiful or radiant and that made me feel good. You couple that with the thought I had the other day about how I wished I had more pictures of myself from my younger days when I mostly avoided cameras because I was too fffffaaaatttt and that’s a damn shame.

I cannot remember which complimentary adjective the Tea Lady used because I’m an awkward yeti and my brain was scrambling for a joke I could make. I settled for “I did take a shower yesterday.” And that is 100% truth.

Do you want to know my beauty secret? Wash your face with water whenever you shower. After the shower apply The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Hydrating Serum and then Radha Rosehips oil. I purchased this stuff two years ago and haven’t had to buy more yet. Now, leave your face alone until the next time you shower. If you eat something greasy or your face feels greasy, do a quick wipe down with witch hazel.

Of course this only works for the incredibly lazy and those who do not wear makeup.

Now you too can look radiant for a few minutes on Zoom when the light hits you right and if you have a kind friend who not only notices those things but also says them out loud.

Reason #2: I decided to take the selfies in the first place because I am endlessly charmed by the grey stripe in my left pig tail. That stripe is my current favorite physical attribute. It only appears stripey when I wear my hair in pigtails. If I wear my hair down it’s a peak-a-book grey patch. If I wear it in a ponytail it looks like I dyed the under parts of my hair grey. I did not.

Reason #3: After a million years (or maybe a decade) of wearing tortoiseshell glasses on the regular, I’m gonna soon find out if I can be a thick, chunky black glasses kind of gal. I’m a little nervous. I have a lot of non-tortoise glasses but I never wear them. They’re my backups (and my second pair of backups, and my other non-progressive backups, and you get the idea). Without fail I go back to the tortoiseshell after a week. Also, Sister #2 has been a black-frames gal for longer than I’ve been a tortoiseshell gal and I’m afraid the devastating accusation of being a copycat is going to be leveled against me. However, she is the all-time queen copycatter so I should be okay.

Reason #4: I never pass up an opportunity to show off my beloved yellow cans.

In other news, I have begun collecting Lilac songs. So far I have four, if you got any toss those titles my way.

I promise to keep quiet tomorrow.


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