22 Years of Coloring Myself Impressed

Hello Darling Ones,

i think i might have finally caught on to this. color me impressed.

That is the entirety of my very first post on this very blog. July 31, 2000. That means today is the 22nd anniversary of I Will Dare dot com. If this blog were anything like me at 22 she would have spent last night getting shit-faced drunk at all the bars on Water St with her high school bestie, Nikki, and friend, Graham.

I don’t have a lot to say in honor of this anniversary. I said most of what I was thinking about blogging & this blog back in May.

What I do have to say is, thank you. I owe every single darling one of you a high five, or fist bump, or shudder to think, a hug. Y’all have come out hard for me over the last year. Whether it was defending me against abusive comments or donating to my BFK after her restaurant caught on fire* or sending me money to buy records, that’s a lot of fucking kindness from strangers.

I could weep if I think about it too much.

To be fair, not all of you are strangers. Some of you are friends I know in actual life. Some of you are friends I’ve known for decades but haven’t yet had the chance to meet. All of you are my favorite weirdos. I’m honored to associate with you.

Thank you so much. Thank you for reading or commenting or emailing or messaging or hearting a thing on Instagram or Twitter. Thanks for making existence a little less lonely. Thank you for paying attention to me. If you hate read this, thank you for keeping that to yourself.

Colorfully yours,

I almost used the Gin Blossoms’ lyric in the header last week when I wrote about the Gin Blossoms, but was smart enough to keep it for today. Go me!

The gnat situation which prompted the Gin Blossoms’ post has gotten significantly better though there’s still some of those fuckers around.

*The Windmill is still closed because insurance is slow moving, also, in my opinion, a little bit of con.

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  1. Tanya 31.Jul.22 at 6:29 pm

    No, thank you! Now let’s see if the spam filter nukes my comment, as usual.

    1. Tanya 31.Jul.22 at 6:30 pm

      Hey, it finally didn’t!

    2. Jodi Chromey 31.Jul.22 at 9:37 pm

      I had no idea the spam filter was so rude. If it makes you feel any better, I never get the email I’m supposed to get when someone leaves a comment.

      (NO! Thank you!)


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