This Was an Excellent Rectangle

Hi Darling Ones,

From March 9th, 2005 until, well, probably the day I die I will never travel far without a little Big Star. Why is that? Because I got my very first iPod on that day in 2005 (I use the wrong its in that post and I’m not gonna fix it 17 years later, but I kind of want to).

I documented the first days of owning an iPod with annoying frequency. I loved my iPod(s), and because I loved them so much I was mentioned in Kathleen Turner’s memoir. I dragged an iPod, along with some headphones because I hate earbuds, everywhere. I made meticulous playlists and have kept track of my Top 25 most listened to songs since 2005.

(I’m listening to the Top 25 of 2005 right now. It’s super dude heavy with lots of eels, self, and Mike Doughty. Also, I got my heart broken in 2005 and this list shows it.

Since Apple announced today that they were discontinuing the iPod, there’s been some twinges of sadness and a tsunami of nostalgia.

The announcement comes at an odd time for me. I’ve been lackadaisically looking for my iPod off and on for the past two or three weeks now. I want to use it for a post I’m gonna write, maybe. I can’t find it anywhere (or in the three places I’ve looked so far). I did find my Walkman from the 90s though, so not all is lost.

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be someone associated with a thing, a product. Like a woman who only carries Coach purses or wears Chucks. However, for a brief time in the aughts, I was an iPod girl. I was so much an iPod girl my friend Seamus dummied up a Shuffle for me when they were first announced to see if I might want to trade in my regular iPod (I did not).

My fondest memory of being an iPod owner is road-tripping to Chicago with Wolfdogg shortly after I got it. It was so new it took us until like Chippewa Falls or maybe River Falls to figure out how to get the radio transmitter thing to work with the radio. This road trip happened like the second or third time I ever met Wolfdogg. He didn’t even try to murder me for making the entire van listen to 67 seconds of every song the entire way to Chicago and then, inexplicably, listen to They Might Be Giants’ “Flood” in its entirety four times in a row on the way back.

Of course, I haven’t listened to my iPod in years. When Cade was here in 2020 he listened to it all the time. I was amazed it still worked. He was amazed I had so much Beatles’ music on there.

So long, iPods, you were very excellent rectangles.

Forever yours,

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