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i synched up Roland with Ogden this morning for the first time, in what felt like ages. i had to get the dresden dolls album onto Roland. once i got to work i took a gander at the Top 25 Most Played songs. I was surprised by quite a few of them. I had no idea I listened to “Girlfriend in a Coma” so often. here’s the list:
Unsingable Name, Mike Doughty
Dead Flowers, The Rolling Stones
Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town, Cake
One for My Baby (and one more for the road), Frank Sinatra
Into My Arms, Nick Cave
Since U Been Gone, Ted Leo
Living Room, Tegan and Sara
Album of the Year,
Hesitating Beauty, Billy Bragg & Wilco
Me and Mia, Ted Leo + the Pharmacists
To Destruction, Dolorean
Polyester Bride, Liz Phair
Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living), eels
I’m Going to Stop Pretending that I Didn’t Break Your Heart, eels
You Remind Me of Home, Ben Gibbard
Sheela-Na-Gig, PJ Harvey
A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, Andrew Bird
Pink Moon, Nick Drake
Keepaway, Self
My Name is Jonas, Weezer
Thought I Knew You, Matthew Sweet
Grey Ghost, Mike Doughty
Girlfriend in a Coma, The Smiths
I Just Wanted to See You So Bad, Lucinda Williams

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  1. Placemat 21.Jun.05 at 11:10 am

    What no PW? & You call yerself a fan. 😉

  2. jodi 21.Jun.05 at 11:13 am

    i know! that totally surprised me too. especially because when i downloaded be bad for me, i thought i listened to it 493 times in a row. but i guess i was wrong.

  3. Damon 21.Jun.05 at 11:31 am

    I’ve had similar surprises from my (3G) iPod as well.

    It seems that in certain circumstances, the iPod loses playcounts/last played timstamps when it runs out of battery juice. It doesn’t lose it every time the power runs out, tho…seems to depend on what else it is doing, if the iTrip is plugged in and draining power at the same time, etc. My guess is, that if power is lost in the middle of writing out the playcount information the database may become corrupt or something.

    Keeping things charged up and syncing often reduces the chance you’ll lose the playcount and last played times.


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