A Few Things in Favor of the Dying of the Light

Dear Darling Ones,

Right off the bat: I loathe the way we monkey with time. Every time change fucks me up for at least a week. My grasp on time has been pretty flimsy since I started freelancing in 2009. You adding falling back and springing forward and I’m lucky if I can remember my own name and whose president.

I super hate the fall time change. I don’t know if it’s the end of or beginning of daylight’s saving time. Some people are passionately pedantic about this distinction. I am not those people. All I know is we change the clocks in the fall and then live in darkness for six months. It’s depressing and it sucks. Sometimes I think I’m solar-powered. Too many gloomy grey* days in a row bum me the fuck out. When my funk magically lifted yesterday I gave credit to the sunshine and blue sky.

Because of the aforementioned funk I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to be grateful for what I have and find joy in small things. This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but there’s a lot of joy in my small, quiet life when I choose to notice it.

To wit, a list of things that I enjoy a great deal once the dying of the light **

  • Since the dying of the light coincides with the dropping of the temperatures, Wendell, the vengeance demon, becomes my BFF. He spends a majority of his day curled up next to me, his head resting on my wrist as I work or on top of the yellow blanket I just finished (not to be confused with the yellow blanket I am currently making). After work he’ll spend the night sleeping between my legs because he knows that thick thighs save lives. It’s so adorable and cozy I could die.
  • One of my very favorite things to do is listen to music on my cans in the dark. I don’t do this as often in the summer because it gets dark at like 9:30 and by that time I have the TV on and what not. But when it gets dark at four I usually still have the music going. It’s excellent.
  • Another thing I like to do in the dark? Type. I’m writing this right now with all the lights off listening to Maia Sharp’s “Nothing But the Radio.”
  • Flannel Pajamas Pants. I realize I could wear these suckers all day every day for years on end. Somehow I have decided plaid flannel pants are for slacking and not working. Please note that frequently the difference between slacking and working is simply a matter of whose website I am typing on. However, once the light dies all bets are off. It’s anarchy here. I’ve been wearing these flannel pants for three days now.
  • Baked potatoes & peas. There are a lot of nonsense, inconsequential rules I have for my life (see above). One of those rules is you don’t eat winter food in the summer and you don’t eat summer food in the winter. Baked potatoes with peas is a winter food. I’m not sure why, especially because peas are in season during summer food time. However, frozen peas are in season all year round and I eat those little green badboys with baked potatoes so often during the dark season I’m probably gonna get scurvy or whatever disease you get when a large portion of your diet is baked potatoes and peas. For the record, peas might be my favorite vegetable. I love them in all ways, shapes, and forms and not just with baked potatoes.

There are probably other things, but my baked potato is done and I’m starvation nation over here.

Yours truly,

*I realized after a twitter conversation the other day that I do not know the proper American spelling of the color. As I told them, I let my heart choose and it usually goes with grey.

**I KNOW the poem is about death and not the ending/beginning (whatever) of daylight saving time. I’ve already given one lit-related lecture about magical realism vs magical thinking this week, don’t make me give another one.

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