8.14 crushes a day for the past 23 years

I recently (about 16 minutes ago) claimed to have had 66,283 crushes in the past 23 years. One of my Facebook friends figured out I averaged 8.14 crushes a day. That sounded about right to me. I love quickly and ficklely. Here is a short list of thing I have crushed on thus far today:

  • Strawberry Starburst
  • The High Octane Coffee at The Nerdery
  • That dude I was arguing about the serial comma (and eventually writing, marketing, and how journalism isn’t the best writing at all) with on Twitter
  • Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory
  • Nicole Helget author of The Turtle Catcher who sent me a nice e-mail
  • The guy who figured out the average crush count
  • Barbecued chicken
  • Neil Gaiman

Since it’s only 8:30, I am keeping the .14 open. I’m taking suggestions and applications for the slot. If nothing else comes up, I will dedicate the .14 to Craig Finn. He always gets the .14.

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